Centralize your cultivation intelligence in one place

Get more than just your farming data: the IDGeo platform delivers your business vision through agricultural intelligence that transforms this data into knowledge and makes it available in a didactic way to promote precise actions
Alerts page

Know the places that have an anomaly harming your farming through georeferenced points. With them, it is possible to prioritize within a field which place to visit for evaluation, placing the right person in the right place at the right time.

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Prioritization of areas

Quickly and simply identify which are the critical areas of the monitored farms, being able to analyze the evolution of the problems and export your data in an excel spreadsheet.

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Field report

Get an overview of all occurrences reported in the field, with information on which problems are harming the crop, where they occurred, how often and the status of their solution.

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Occurrence details

Review event information detailed by the field team, such as photos, descriptions, verification date, comments, and solution progress status.

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Optimize your production with hard data for accurate decisions
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