Keep your team developing

Trainings that promote knowledge of an appropriate technology, improving data management and consequently agriculture

For a qualified professional, being up to date with these tools is essential.
To help you with this, IDGeo has developed PLANAgro, a program that offers the necessary training to qualified professionals and students who want to be up to date with the innovations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
This is an essential area of knowledge for those who need to update themselves on management, as well as for those looking for more opportunities in the job market.
Discover the courses available at PLANAgro
Planagro 1.0
Migrating from CAD to GIS
Planagro 2.0
Introduction to Remote Sensing and Automation for Sugarcane Field Management
Planagro 3.0
Precision Agriculture (A.P.) Maps for Field Management

PLANAgro presents classes in online or face-to-face format and provides the participant with fundamental tools to:

Available modalities: In-person, EAD and In company
Understand about remote sensing and automation in the field
Using Precision Agriculture (AP) and field maps
Get more profitability from automating functions
Use of QGIS software bringing savings, as they are completely free
More than 60 plants trained and 120 certifications issued
All courses have a certificate of completion
Technical support from our team of experts
Optimize your production with hard data for accurate decisions
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