Frequently Asked Questions

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DETECTA Solutions

Which of my data is required for DETECTA?
We only request information in shapefile format (.shp) from the areas that will be monitored.
Where can I see the information that the solutions provide?
All deliveries will be made through our platform, where you will be able to consult the information of each contracted solution on its specific page.
How often is the information updated?
According to the availability of data from the sensors used. In principle, they are updated every 5 days.
How is data obtained?
We work with optical and radar sensors, both obtained from satellites.
What is the resolution of the images?
Which satellite is used?
We currently use Sentinel-2

QUALIAgro app

Does the app work offline?
Yes, the internet connection is only necessary for logging in and synchronizing data, working offline for entering all data in the field.
How many users are allowed per company?
Users are unlimited. All those involved in field activities can use the application with their own user to facilitate the management and monitoring of operations.
Where can I report a problem?
We have a team ready to assist you quickly through the number +55 19 98329 0557.
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