Detecta Irrigação

Detecta Irrigação is a solution that allows more practicality in the routine of those who need to detect the performance and the areas affected by the lack of irrigation.

With this tool, you have:
Monitoring done with IDGeo quality
Analysis of the efficiency of irrigation equipment
Practicality for carrying out technical work on the farm
Improvement in irrigation management and water use
Reduction of losses due to irrigation problems
More profitability

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Detecta Daninhas

Know where your crop is being affected by the presence of weeds and to what extent

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Detecta Danos

Get information about all types of damage that may be affecting your crop, such as diseases, pests, operational damage, nutritional deficit or water deficit

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Detecta Plantio

Follow the evolution of planting operations by identifying the dates and areas planted

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Detecta Colheita

Know which areas have already been harvested, follow the evolution of the operation and efficiently plan the rest of the harvest

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Detecta Geada

Assess the impact of frost on the fields that suffered from its occurrence and the risk of frost on your property through retroactive analysis

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Detecta Irrigação

Analyze the efficiency of irrigation equipment through application uniformity and soil moisture data

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Coming soon
Detecta Fenologia

Identify the phenological phase change in a simple way for the proper performance of specific operations

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Detecta Saúde

Analyze the performance of your crop through indicators on the quality of cultivated areas

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