Solutions that make a difference in your decision making

To obtain an accurate diagnosis of the crop it is necessary to use the right tools. With monitoring based on IDGeo intelligence, it is possible to reach this diagnosis, transforming data into knowledge.

Through this resource, an analysis is carried out that allows the identification of productive areas, the quality of the crops and even offers an estimate of the profits to be obtained from the crop.
IDGeo offers ideal monitoring solutions for those who want to know more about their production capacity and develop strategies to enhance it.
From the study generated by the agricultural monitoring, you have a complete examination of the property, more knowledge about the farming area and all the information necessary for inspection actions.

Solutions that make a difference in your decision making

We make data accessible and transform it into simple information to increase the sustainability and profitability of your business
Detecta Daninhas

Know where your crop is being affected by the presence of weeds and to what extent

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Detecta Danos

Get information about all types of damage that may be affecting your crop, such as diseases, pests, operational damage, nutritional deficit or water deficit

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Detecta Plantio

Follow the evolution of planting operations by identifying the dates and areas planted

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Detecta Colheita

Know which areas have already been harvested, follow the evolution of the operation and efficiently plan the rest of the harvest

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Detecta Geada

Assess the impact of frost on the fields that suffered from its occurrence and the risk of frost on your property through retroactive analysis

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Detecta Irrigação

Analyze the efficiency of irrigation equipment through application uniformity and soil moisture data

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Detecta Fenologia

Identify the phenological phase change in a simple way for the proper performance of specific operations

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Detecta Saúde

Analyze the performance of your crop through indicators on the quality of cultivated areas

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A real view of your cultivation that goes beyond the clouds

A major challenge for those who work with satellite images is the occurrence of clouds, as they prevent the data of the object being studied from being captured. Therefore, the radar appears as an alternative to overcome this challenge, in addition to bringing other advantages
  • They are passive orbital sensors, that is, the energy source is the Sun.
  • Depends on weather conditions
  • Day-only image capture
  • Restricts its reach to the tops of plants
  • They are active orbital sensors and emit their own energy source
  • Greater independence from weather conditions
  • Day and night image capture
  • Greater penetration of waves into targets (operates in the microwave range)

Conventional non-continuous images


IDGeo images

Field monitoring even in the presence of clouds

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