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We were born to make agriculture more sustainable, profitable and data accessible.

In the market since 2016, IDGeo is a startup that is at AgTech Garage, a large technological innovation hub located in Piracicaba (SP).
Based on the transforming ideals of Ronan Campos and Luiz Pereira, agribusiness professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge, the company started to develop solutions for the sector that feeds the world.
At the beginning of its trajectory, IDGeo developed and improved its technology based on FAPESP's investment, through PIPE 2 and 3. In 2019, it received funding from PoliAngels to enable the traction of the business.
Over time, IDGeo's service package became even broader, enabling the development of solutions that would go beyond the farmer's routine, as they also began to include mill owners, resellers, investors, cooperatives, agricultural companies and even students.
In order to integrate solutions and offer more practicality to customers, IDGeo started to present a transforming platform and application, both capable of uniting several tools necessary for monitoring the fields. From there, the customer was able to enjoy many facilities and choose the ones that best suited their needs.
With love and a lot of dedication to work, IDGeo conquered different audiences and today it is already a world reference in agricultural monitoring. Such a result was only possible from the use of the most modern in satellite monitoring, a resource that provides a complete study of the soil and cultivation, enabling better decision-making for customers.
Based on all the knowledge gained through working with major players in the market, IDGeo has currently become the best option to simplify monitoring information for the client.


Pioneers in agricultural and geotechnological intelligence
Ronan Campos CEO, CFO & Founder

Working in the development of high-performance agriculture since 2006, acquiring solid experience in leadership training and agricultural management, with skills in technology, agronomy, logistics and costs. Professional experience over 12 years in leadership positions in agribusiness and consulting.

Luiz Henrique Pereira CTO & Founder

Geographer and Doctor in Environmental Systems Modeling at UNESP/Rio Claro, my current challenge is to apply scientific knowledge in geotechnologies to innovate agricultural management.

Lines of research: Remote Sensing and Agricultural Monitoring.

Jorge Padua COO & Co-Founder

Worked in several national and international agricultural businesses. He has over 20 years of experience in the precision agriculture and digital diagnostics industry.

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