We were born to make agriculture more sustainable, profitable and data accessible.

We offer continuous monitoring of your crop Combining our experience with the most advanced in terms of technology, we turn concrete data into simple and powerful information, so that you can constantly monitor your crop and make assertive decisions.
We are pioneers in agricultural intelligence and geotechnology Our team was formed from the area of research and development, which allowed us to pioneer applications of geotechnology in agriculture from the beginning, constantly improving our algorithm and expanding our horizons.
We have a multidisciplinary and specialized team More than technology, IDGeo is made up of people. Each one who is now part of the team brings with them a history, an experience and a specialization. It is this multidisciplinary set that allows innovation to happen first within IDGeo, so that it can be taken out later.
State-of-the-art technologies integrated with field knowledge The cutting-edge technologies offered by IDGeo would not be the same if they had not been developed based on exchanges with our customers. Adding each of them to the knowledge of the field is what makes them so powerful.

Solutions that make a difference in your decision making

We make data accessible and transform it into simple information to increase the sustainability and profitability of your business
Detecta Daninhas

Know where your crop is being affected by the presence of weeds and to what extent

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Detecta Danos

Get information about all types of damage that may be affecting your crop, such as diseases, pests, operational damage, nutritional deficit or water deficit

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Detecta Plantio

Follow the evolution of planting operations by identifying the dates and areas planted

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Detecta Colheita

Know which areas have already been harvested, follow the evolution of the operation and efficiently plan the rest of the harvest

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Detecta Geada

Assess the impact of frost on the fields that suffered from its occurrence and the risk of frost on your property through retroactive analysis

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Detecta Irrigação

Analyze the efficiency of irrigation equipment through application uniformity and soil moisture data

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Detecta Fenologia

Identify the phenological phase change in a simple way for the proper performance of specific operations

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Detecta Saúde

Analyze the performance of your crop through indicators on the quality of cultivated areas

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A real view of your cultivation that goes beyond the clouds

A major challenge for those who work with satellite images is the occurrence of clouds, as they prevent the data of the object being studied from being captured. Therefore, the radar appears as an alternative to overcome this challenge, in addition to bringing other advantages
  • They are passive orbital sensors, that is, the energy source is the Sun.
  • Depends on weather conditions
  • Day-only image capture
  • Restricts its reach to the tops of plants
  • They are active orbital sensors and emit their own energy source
  • Greater independence from weather conditions
  • Day and night image capture
  • Greater penetration of waves into targets (operates in the microwave range)

Conventional non-continuous images


IDGeo images

Field monitoring even in the presence of clouds

Have your production data in the palm of your hand

The management of your agricultural production can accompany you anywhere, anytime

Our integration lets you know everything

Discover the benefits of having all your production intelligence in one place
Radar remote sensing
Proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms
Machine learning
Intelligence in spatial analytics


Technical training for you to go even further

We plant efficiency, our customers reap satisfaction

Check out some testimonials from our customers about IDGeo
Esteban Cia. Azucarera Los Balcanes – Argentina

Through IDGeo's solution, we can see the performance of the sugarcane field throughout its cycle and monitor the anomalies found in the field. It is an excellent tool to assist in large-scale management.

Leonardo Bracell

IDGeo is proving to be a great partner in the development of a functional technology for the forestry area. Engaged team, which seeks to understand the client's difficulties and propose solutions in a technical way, with an operational and management vision.

Victor Agrodan

Currently, our partnership has been very beneficial in the evolution of the humidity mapping system within the farms, consisting in the joint creation of a management panel that will serve as a tool for identifying regions outside the ideal humidity range. The project is of interest to Agrodan both for its ability to summarize and detail important information for assertive action.

Sandro Usina Santo Antônio

The IDGeo course was very important for us and we will be able to automate our map production.

Jobim Usina Vista Alegre

I was very happy to participate in the IDGeo course, because now I will implement the thematic maps in my service and improve the production processes that I need to do in my daily life.

Tiago Raízen – Barra Bonita

Realmente me gustó IDGeo, porque ahora comenzamos a implementar QGIS en la planta y hace todo lo que necesitamos, además del mapeo gratuito. Ahora, además de la técnica, tengo una carga teórica sobre lo que hacía. Muy fresco y productivo. La automatización de mapas también, ya que es algo que toda planta debe saber.

Fernando Usina Cocal

We are going to use IDGeo's knowledge a lot in our agricultural planning to always have the maps we need, registers and data at hand. Now we will also have a new distribution of schedules for the application of pesticides, among other benefits.

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